About us

DM Intelligence

DM Intelligence is a pharmaceutical technology company which was founded in Guangzhou in 2018. As a company focused on artificial intelligence researches, innovations and applications, we strive for breakthroughs in the future of drug discovery and medical imaging diagnosis.

AI Technology

AI technology is currently one of the most promising research areas in the field of healthcare. The greatest challenge today in pre-clinical pharmaceutical R&D is identifying a drug candidate that is both effective and safe. However, this is something computers are great at. Aim to find solutions for locating target protein, screening small molecule, predicting chemical compound properties, simulating drug synthesis route and stipulating clinical protocol smarter and faster, we are committed to integrating artificial intelligence technologies into the medical field, working with clinician and pharmaceutical company to provide better service to patients. DM Intelligence is dedicated to contributing to a healthier society worldwide.

Founder & CEO

Dr. WEIDONG XIE is a inventor and the founder and CEO of DM Intelligent. Following graduation from Imperial College London with honor in biological medicine he took office as associate professor in Sun Yat-sen University and director/PI in St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, USA. His research results in regards to T-cell viral immunity were listed as the remarkable scientific breakthroughs by the journal Science. After a decade of experience in small molecule drugs discovery, Dr. Xie leads technology startups successfully.

Technical Team

Dr. Wang is senior consultant and the researcher of DM-0523, where he is responsible for DM Intelligence's AI pathological diagnosis technology based on whole slide image. As bioinformatics and artificial intelligence specialist, Dr. Wang earned a PhD from Oxford University and then worked as professor / president in Sun Yat-sen University successively.

Dr. Deng obtained his PhD from Sun Yat-sen University in China, supervised by Prof. Zhelong Pu, the leading authority on biological control. As a skilled bioinformatician and bioengineer, Dr. Deng has worked year in year out in building QSAR model before founding DM Intelligence.